Two recent cases illustrate our law firm’s philosophy of arguing a case to a conclusion where no other reasonable alternative is possible, but before that, looking for opportunities to resolve the case reasonably and economically without testimony, briefs, and appeals.

In one case, a treating doctor made an inflated assessment of the injured worker’s permanent injuries of the hand, leg, foot, and shoulder. The worker was also not cooperative with the insurance company’s efforts to have an independent examination by a doctor of its choosing as the law provides. We argued that our client should not have to keep attempting to have the injured worker seen by its own doctor and that the claimant’s lack of cooperation should be factored into the judge’s decision. We also argued that the treating doctor’s permanency assessment was flawed. The judge agreed with our argument, found the treating doctor’s permanency assessment incredible, and closed the case. Our argument saved our client approximately $38,000.

In another case, we were able to leverage a pending issue in one case to achieve a modest full and final settlement not only of this case but of others for the same claimant in the New York State Worker’s Compensation system. All of this was done without the necessity of presenting the case to a judge for a decision.

The attorneys at HAMBERGER & WEISS LLP are equally skilled in litigating a case to its conclusion and seeking a conclusion without litigation.

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