Kudos to our partner, John Coyle!

Congratulations to our partner, John Coyle, for his recent successful defense of a PTSD, anxiety, and depression claim arising out of an incident with an unruly customer. The claimant was a drug store manager, who greeted a customer that became verbally abusive and threatening, resulting in the claimant retreating to his office. The unruly customer was escorted from the premises by police. John was able to successfully defend the claim and have it disallowed because of his argument that the stress experienced by the claimant as a result of the interaction with the customer was not greater than that experienced by other similarly situated workers in the work environment. 
It’s worth noting that this case could have had a much different outcome if not for Governor Hochul’s veto of Bill S6373B in December 2022. That bill would have removed the requirement that a claimant show that the stress incurred was greater than that which usually occurs in the normal work environment.
Kudos to John for his hard work and dedication in achieving this successful result. We are proud to have such talented and passionate attorneys here at Hamberger & Weiss LLP.

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